úterý 13. března 2018

Delicate Geometry Beaded Bead

Beaded with new Miyuki Quarter Tila Beads

* Miyuki Tila
* Miyuki Quarter Tila  
* TOHO or  Miyuki Seed Beads

  Really delicate and elegant beaded bead (quite small - see size comparison).

1. Delicate Geometry BB - 2,5 cm in diameter
2. Kheops Flower BB - 3,8 cm in diameter
3. Flower Bouquet BB (Poppy Fields) - 4,2 cm in diameter
4. Crater Moon BB (designed by Gwen Fisher) - 4,8 cm in diameter

pondělí 26. února 2018

Dorothea Beaded Bead

 Dorothea Beaded Bead - with new two hole DropDuo Beads
Designed and beaded December 2017.


* DropDuo - in our Etsy Shop
* Pohanka - Pinch Beads in our Etsy Shop
* Matubo beads sizes 7 and 8 - in our Etsy Shop
* Czech pressed Round Beads - in our Etsy Shop
* TOHO Bugle Beads and Seed Beads

sobota 24. února 2018

Squarcle Beaded Bead

Ani kostka - ani koule, kousek od obou - prostě Squarcle.

SQUACRCLE Beaded Bead with new Preciosa BOW two hole beads.

* Preciosa BOW
* Pohanka - Pinch Beads in our Etsy Shop
* Matubo beads size 8 - in our Etsy Shop
* Preciosa and TOHO seed beads

Designed for PRECIOSA ORNELA a.s.

čtvrtek 9. listopadu 2017

Playing with Silent Snowfall

Playing and testing new colors :-)

SILENT SNOWFALL tutorial was designed for Starman Inc.

 Silent Snowfall used as a ring component - eye-catching and easy to make

středa 1. listopadu 2017

IVETA Snowflake Tutorial

IVETA Snowflake tutorial is available in my etsy store


Pro české zákazíky dostupný NaSpirále 
také v podobě sad

* Matubo velikost 8 --- Matubo Beads size 8 in our Etsy Shop or size 8 seed beads

 Nové barvy - New colorways

neděle 15. října 2017

North Star tutorial

Designed September 2016 for Starman Inc.

Tutorial is a part of Starman Holiday Workshops 2017 
Available for Bead Stores - ask your local bead store for workshop schedules.


* CzechMates Beams - three hole beads
* CzechMates Crescent - in our Etsy Shop
* Czech pressed Round Beads - in our Etsy Shop
* TOHO Round Seed Beads

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